beowulf newbie...???

Martin WHEELER mwheeler at
Tue Jun 26 13:07:43 PDT 2001

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, ds d wrote:

> I have read several beowulf dokumentation , but it is
> really confusing me .
> where can i start to built it? (for newbie)
> all suggestion will be appreciated

Anthony __

There is a mailing-list specially for newbies you may wish to subscribe
to.  (More reading, I'm afraid.  Never mind -- the confusion eventually

Write to:

     majordomo at

with "subscribe beowulf-newbie" in the *body* of the e-mail.

You may also care to take a long hard trawl thro' the links from:

HTH -- and good luck with your cluster.

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