Scalapack Help!!

Eswar Dev eswardev at
Mon Jul 30 16:44:17 PDT 2001

  (This is my first mail to Bewoulf mailing list:)
      I need some one to help me with running
executables on Sacalapck. Iam stuck into this problem
for quite some time now.
   I was unable get good results using  scalapack on
"MPI-Linux based Bewoulf cluster with 12 nodes".
These are error message I always get with SCALAPACK.
 1.Bad Memory parameters: goining into the case.
 Unable to perform factorisation: need TOTMEM of at
least 4944943 (Maximum Matrix size I can use is
 2.ILLEGAL GRID: nprow*npcol = 8. It can atleast be 1.

 I get rid of 2nd error only if I make Grid size 1 X 1
for any other grid size results in error but that
results in my solution time and LU time to be Zero
which is useless. I run the executables for more than
 node up to 1 nodes.
   I tried varying Parametes for M, N , NB NRHS NBRHS
but they dont seem to result in any kinda improvement
in SACALAPACK perfromance.
 Please help solve this Problem.
 Our website for Bewoulf is

 Thanking you,

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