[PBS-USERS] setting nice values for parallel jobs

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 28 11:43:52 PDT 2001

You can make PBS aware of parallel jobs. The name of
the package is called "mpiexec"


You can then control the parallel jobs as if they are
normal batch jobs (kill, accounting, etc). If there is
a way to increase the nice value of normal batch jobs
after they have started, then what you want to do is
not difficult.

Does anyone know if mpiexec is included in PBSPro or
the new patch version of OpenPBS?


--- Derek Feichtinger <derek.feichtinger at psi.ch>
> Hi,
> We are running PBS 2.3 and I would like to have a
> setup where very long
> parallel jobs will run with higher nice numbers in a
> separate queue
> (i.e. less priority).
> When jobs are started up by PBS the mother job will
> be spawned with the
> queue assigned nice value. But the spawned
> subprocesses will have the
> system's default nice value. It would not be
> difficult to fix the MPICH
> mpirun script to start the jobs with the assigned
> nice numbers, but this
> would only solve the situation for MPICH.
> Has sombody worked on making pbs aware of the
> spawned supprocesses
> (which also could be useful for other stuff), at
> least in a way to get
> their host/PID information? 
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Derek
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