Suggestion for gcc build farm

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Fri Jul 27 13:33:52 PDT 2001

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, [iso-8859-1] Jakob Østergaard wrote:

> ANTS is GPL (but I accept free beer ;)

Ah, you need to use the GPL v2b (for "beverage", a synonym for beer).  I
wrote the modification myself and it is itself v2b'd...;-)


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Add the following variant to the top of your COPYING (GPL) file:

%< snip snip snip ======================================================

License is granted to build or use the accompanying software:


according to the following standard Gnu General Public License or any
later versions, with the one minor "Beverage" modification listed below.
Note that this modification is probably not legally defensible and can
be followed really pretty much according to the honor rule.

As to my personal preferences in beverages, red wine is great, beer is
delightful, and Coca Cola or coffee or tea or even milk acceptable to
those who for religious or personal reasons wish to avoid stressing my

                The "Beverage" Modification to the GPL

Any user of this software shall, upon meeting the primary author(s) of
this software for the first time under the appropriate circumstances,
offer to buy him or her or them a beverage.  This beverage may or may
not be alcoholic, depending on the personal ethical and moral views of
the offerer.  The beverage cost need not exceed one U.S. dollar
(although it certainly may at the whim of the offerer:-) and may be
accepted or declined with no further obligation on the part of the
offerer.  It is not necessary to repeat the offer after the first
meeting, but it can't hurt...

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