Beowulf Cluster in Mandrake 8.0

Ben DeLong ben.delong at
Fri Jul 27 04:34:08 PDT 2001


If you are dead set on using Mandrake 8.0 then I believe that Mosix has support for Mandrake.  The Mosix web site lists Mandrake RPMs on its download page.  The link is

However if this is your first stab at Beowulf Clustering I would recommend Scyld Beowulf.   It has a simple install and gets you up and running straight out of the box.  The Scyld website is


> Hello everybody,

> I need to know if Mandrake 8.0 can be configured for working as a Beowulf
> Cluster, if the answer is affirmative, is need to make different
> configurations to Mandrake 7.0?

> Where can I find useful information about Beowulf Clusters using Mandrake?

> Thanks a lot,

> Anli

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