Q: pgf77 on x86 w/ > 1GB RAM?

Brian brian at heptane.eng.yale.edu
Tue Jul 24 11:08:10 PDT 2001

Hi guys,

  I'm probably just missing something simple here, but I figure it can't
hurt to ask: I'm running the PGI compiler demo to test a conversion of a
code from an RS/6000 to an Athlon desktop, and with a simple C/C++ program
I've written, I have no problems accessing 1.4GB of RAM... BUT with the
FORTRAN compiler, it compiles fine, and then segfaults because it can't
access an address.

  (The code requires about 1.3-1.4G of RAM)

  I've compiled the kernel with 4GB RAM support, I'm running RH7.1, with
version 3.2-4 of the PGI compilers, and I was hoping there was a quick and
easy answer for this.. any ideas?  (I did write PGI support, too, however
their webpage seems to indicate they think this is an OS issue..)

  Also, for the record, when setting this up, I found a cheap price for
512MB DIMMS - $50/ea, from www.edgemicro.com.  After all the RAM pricing
posts earlier, I just thought I'd throw that out there.  ;)

  (It's PC133, CL3)

  - Brian

Brian Dobbins
Yale Mechanical Engineering

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