remote console access/ multiport card recommendations?

Chris Harwell charwell at
Mon Jul 23 15:29:51 PDT 2001


could any cluster experts confirm that this idea will work and perhaps
recommend hardware - multiport serial board cards or rackmount console

i'd like to interconnect boxes in a cluster via the serial ports, using
console support in the kernel to a multiport serial card in or rackmount
console server for remote access. that is i'd like remote access and don't
want / need vga card + keyboard on each box.

does this work with 2.4.x kernels yet?  - i remember seeing a post on the
lkml about it being broken.

any pointers at documentation for getting this to work?

i was thinking something like this:
[box1] serial port <-> cable <-> [null modem] <-> cable <-> serial port [box2]

box1: compile kernel w/ console option, add line to inittab and or maybe
lilo append option
box2: kermit -l /dev/ttySx...


charwell at

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