diskless clients..

Sean Dilda agrajag at scyld.com
Fri Jul 20 11:38:55 PDT 2001

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, pramod ps wrote:

> hi there..
>   is it possible to have a diskless clients in the
> beowulf cluster? I happend to found it some where..
>  if so , is it practical? then , how can it be
> implimented in scyld beowulf???

It is the default with Scyld Beowulf.  If you install the master, then
boot up a slave node off the CD and no nothing special except add the
slave node to the list of configured nodes in beosetup, then the node
will come up without ever using its harddrive.

>  i ,ve some fstab pbms...
>  the client hard disk is not mounting to the server.
>  i partitioned the client as per the document after
> setting the fstab. but it is not working .

If you are wanting diskless, then you don't need to partition the hard
drive on the slave node.  In fact, when you used beofdisk to partition
the hard drive on the slave node, the slave node was already booted and
running in a diskless configuration.
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