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Peter Bowen pzb at
Fri Jul 20 11:09:20 PDT 2001

David -

On 20 Jul 2001 10:24:43 -0400, David Vos wrote:
> Is they system being released under open source, or is it only available
> as the boxed set? I would love to be able to order a $10 CD from
> to have a look at it.

Yes.  The basic edition is, as it always has been, open source.  It
should be available from LinuxCentral in a couple of weeks.  It will
still cost $2, but doesn't include support or documentation, just the

> I really couldn't figure out what all of the advantages were of the
> Professional vs. the Basic Edition.

The Professional Edition contains everything the Basic Edition does,
plus support for Myrinet, web based cluster administration, hardware
health and status monitoring, PVM, PVFS, PXE boot support, and a batch
queueing system.

> Do you know of any academic pricing?  I don't know if we have much of a
> budget available.  Lots of people on this list would be interested.

We do have academic pricing for educational institutions.  Please
contact sales at or call us at (410) 990-9993.

> If we have a 16node cluster + 1 master = 17 computers, would we need to
> get the 32 Processor license?  (probably a question I should ask your
> sales team)

Intermediate configurations are available for cluster sizes not listed
on our site.  Again, please contact the sales team, as they can give you
an exact price quote.

> I can understand charging for the system, since it is geared to larger
> installations -- not the pile of junk in my basement.  You need to turn a
> profit on all of your work.  I've always felt bad using this list as a
> Scyld support list.
> David

Peter Bowen
Scyld Support

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