Intel PXE bootroms

Gary Jackson bargle at
Thu Jul 19 18:04:09 PDT 2001

I'm having some trouble getting machines using Intel PXE bootroms
netbooting.  The machine with the DHCP server sees their requests, and
responds, but the clients don't seem to want to boot with what they've
been given.  Once Linux is up, I have no problem getting an IP through
DHCP.  Portfast is enabled on all relevant switch ports.

I haven't had any problem getting nodes with 3com PXE bootroms to

Currently, I'm using the ISC 2.0 DHCP server.  The configuration looks
something like this:

subnet n.n.n.n netmask {
        option routers                  n.n.n.n;
        option subnet-mask    ;

        option domain-name-servers      n.n.n.n;
        option domain-name              "" ;

        default-lease-time -1 ;

        group {
                # PXE configuration
                option dhcp-class-identifier "PXEClient" ;
                option vendor-encapsulated-options 01:04:00:00:00:00 ;
                filename "bpbatch" ;
                host nodename {
                        option option-135 "nodeboot/nodename" ;
                        fixed-address n.n.n.n ;
                        hardware ethernet FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF ;

(with real IP adresses, real names instead of "nodename", and real mac

Any insight is appreciated.

					Gary Jackson
					bargle at

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