Channel bonding performance problem

Thomas R Boehme mail at
Thu Jul 19 10:07:35 PDT 2001

> > Then I tried to FTP a big file( 115MB) between the two nodes. This time
> I got a average speed of about 9.2MB/s.
> > Seems this speed is doubled then before. So I am confused.
> You should be able to get roughly 9 MB/sec on *one* 100Mbps connection.  I
> don't know why
> you only got 4.5 MB/sec before.  Are you sure about this ?

Did you check that your network cards use full-duplex? If you got about 5
MB/s before, it sounds like your cards are running half-duplex.
But that still doesn't really explain why you only see a 10% improvement on

Bye, Thommy

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