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Btw Robert, do you have to add anything to your FS108 short report?

I've just bought an FS108 for my fledgling home 'wulf, and would like to
benchmark how well my two Tulips (one old original Netgear, and the other
one a newfangled Intel derivate).

What is the easiest way to tell when I'm running into problems, netperf?
If yes, what are the options to use?


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We don't need to be told that clusters are a good thing,
but anyway there's an interesting article on Newsforge today.

Based around a group of former Cray employees forming a cluster

By the way, does anyone know what the status of Cray in the cluster
business is now?
I met a pleasant gentleman from Cray UK a few months ago at
a meeting, sadly though his name escapes me.

John Hearns

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