building scyld from source. (alpha)

David Bremner bremner at
Wed Jul 18 12:12:09 PDT 2001

I am attempting to build scyld beowulf 27BZ-7 from the srpms on top
of a stock install of RH6.2 on a compaq DS10 

I am attempting to use 

  rpm --rebuild  bproc-2.2-1.src.rpm 

to rebuild bproc.

But it complains compiling ghost.c

bproc.h: In function `get_ghost_list':
In file included from ghost.c:54:
bproc.h:543: structure has no member named `bproc'
bproc.h:544: structure has no member named `bproc'     

those lines look like

  if (BPROC_ISMASQ(current))
       return &(BPROC_MASQ_MASTER(current)->ghost_list);

I will append the full log file as an attachment. 

Can anyone provide me with a clue?  

Do the kernel, glibc and modules srpms have to be installed first?


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