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Donald Becker becker at
Wed Jul 18 10:05:26 PDT 2001

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Andrew Shewmaker wrote:

> What features does BBQ (great name!) have compared to PBSpro?

BBQ is a basic queuing system, without the site-wide scheduling and
other sophisticated features found in PBSPro.

We wanted to provide an easy to use queue for users that just need a few
jobs to occur sequentially.  We continue to recommend PBSPro for
commercial use.

Easy test: If you already know that you need a site-wide
scheduling/queueing system, you probably want PBSPro.

And yes, BBQ is a great name ;->

> Sean Dilda wrote:
> >New enhancements on the latest Professional Version include, full Alpha
> >support including simplified installation tools, full Myrinet and
> >Gigabit Ethernet support, the Scyld Beowulf Batch Queue system (BBQ),
> >automatic node addition, web based administration and job monitoring,
> >advanced hardware health and status monitoring, Parallel Virtual File
> >System (PVFS), NFSv3, and ROMIO file systems, updated MPIch library, and
> >much more. For detailed pricing and more information visit the Scyld
> >website at
> >
> >Professional Scyld Beowulf comes bundled with one year of support from
> >the original development team and full documentation. The professional
> >documentation set includes: Installation, System Administration, Users
> >Guide, and Programmers Reference information. In addition, Scyld offers
> >Beowulf clustering certification training from the original Scyld
> >Beowulf developers.

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