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David Vos dvos12 at calvin.edu
Wed Jul 18 08:11:53 PDT 2001

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Luc Vereecken wrote:
> >DDR is much better that SDRAM if we compare them strictly together, however,
> >the question  you should be asking is do my applications require DDR or can I
> >get away with SDRAM?  We do some G98 and GAMESS calculations here to and
> found
> >that DDR does improve performance.
> How much is the improvement (say, for a CPU-bound G98 calculation running
> with plenty of memory) ? DDR is still quite a bit more expensive than SDRAM
> so the performance increase has to be substantial to get a decent
> performance/price ratio...

How big of memory modules are you looking at?  Crucial.com is selling
256MB DIMMS for $45 in both SDRAM PC133 and DDR PC2100.  For an extra $10,
you can get ECC.  I don't know prices for 512MB DDR.


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