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pramod ps piramid_ps at
Sun Jul 8 10:13:28 PDT 2001

hi there,

 i've installed the skyld beowulf . then i compiled
the eg.pgm cpi.c using the instn- cc -lmpi cpi.c -o

 then it was possible to excecute the 'cpi' from the
front end machine
using the instn - ./cpi or mpirun ./cpi. 

 I've tried the above after booting the clients using 
floppy disk. 
then i tried to excecute the abve pgm by giving the
instn-mpirun ./cpi
. it showed an error as input /output error. the
clients were showing 
as vmadump: mmap failed : /lib/ etc.

 when i tried this using single client by giving
mpirun NP=2 ./cpi  it showed no such file or
directory. then  i tried by replacing it by NP=1
then also the above error was encountered.

 in short , the pgms can be execute in the master {
either with noclient or by changing its status to
unavailable }. kindly reply me as early as possible.
// the above stated errors are repeted when i used gcc
/g++/ mpicc/     mpiCC for compilation.  


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