Newbie who needs help!

Eric Linenberg elinenbe at
Thu Jul 5 11:46:42 PDT 2001

Ok, this is going to be kind of long, but I figured there are people
out there with more experience than me, and I don't have the option to
mess up as I have to be finished this project by AUG. 7th!

I am working as a research assistant, and my task is to build an 8
node Beowulf cluster to run LS-DYNA (the world's most advanced
general purpose nonlinear finite element program (from their page))
(  My budget is $25,000 and I just want general help with
where I should begin and what should be done to maximize the
upgradibility (would it be possible to just image the disk -- change
the IP settings, maybe update a boot script to add another node to the
cluster?) and to maximize the performance (what are the benefits of
dual-processor machines -- what about gigabit network cards?)

Another concern here is actual floor space.  We have about a 6ft x 3ft
area for the computers, so I think I am just going to be putting them
onto a Home Depot industrial shelving system or something similar, so
dual processor systems may be much better for me.  Cooling and
electricity have both already been taken care of.

I appreciate any help that is provided as I know someone out there has
had similar experiences (possibly with this software package)

Eric Linenberg

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