how to get the performance by using linpack in scyld beowulf?

Ferdinand Mahr MAHRF at
Mon Jul 2 04:11:01 PDT 2001


I experimented with Linpack this weekend and although I don't understand
all parameters, this is what I found out so far: since you have so much
memory, increase the N value (the docs tell you how), so all your RAM is
used (but avoid swapping!!!).
Did you run <mpirun -np 4 ...>? It seemes Linpack only used four of your
eight nodes (p=1;q=8 should be OK, but the result only lists p=1 q=4), so
try mpirun -np 8! Also check your machines file of MPICH so no node runs
more than one Linpack task and another one is idle.
Varying NB might help too, it affects the network load.
If this works, telling me your results would be interesting.

Best regards

 now,i am using scyld beowulf.when i use linpack to benchmark the
performace of my cluster(PIII 933 ,1G Memory,41 G Harddisk,8 nodes),i find
that the linpack use the parameter :p=1;q=8 and i get the result:
  N=3000 NB=60 p=1 q=4 time =14.56 Gflops=1.23
 how can i change the parameter?such as p=2;q=4 or p=4;q=2?
 is  the result correct?
 can somebody give me some advice?
 thank you!:)

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