how to get the performance by using linpack in scyld beowulf?

邹 光先 zouguangxian at
Sun Jul 1 19:03:51 PDT 2001

 now,i am using scyld beowulf.when i use linpack to benchmark the 
performace of my cluster(PIII 933 ,1G Memory,41 G Harddisk,8 nodes),i find 
that the linpack use the parameter :p=1;q=8 and i get the result:
  N=3000 NB=60 p=1 q=4 time =14.56 Gflops=1.23
 how can i change the parameter?such as p=2;q=4 or p=4;q=2?
 is  the result correct?
 can somebody give me some advice?
 thank you!:)
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