PVFS for scratch? (was Re: diskless nodes? (was Re: Xbox clusters?))

Rob Latham rlatham at plogic.com
Mon Dec 10 06:02:49 PST 2001

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 03:56:08PM -0500, Selva Nair wrote:
> Is anyone using PVFS with applications such as G98 that scratch a
> lot? Wonder how does it compare in performance with NFS3 or purely
> local storage. Any input would be helpful.

In addition to rob ross's comments, we've seen even naiive usage of
pvfs  can take advantage of having N caches avaliable when doing lots
of reads. (each io node has it's own VFS cache, it's own HDD cache,
etc ) 

granted, if you don't try very hard this effect goes away around 3 or
4 machines.  oh, and "it depends on your aplication"


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