I've got 8 linux boxes, what now

Chris Majewski majewski at cs.ubc.ca
Thu Dec 6 16:40:43 PST 2001

Thanks for the response. 
We're a  computer science department  investigating, very tentatively,
the   possibility  of  installing   a  linux   cluster  as   our  next
general-purpose compute  server. To date we've been  using things like
expensive multiprocessor SUN machines. 
So, we will  not be recompiling anything to run  on this cluster. Even
if we are unable to convince separate threads of a process to run on separate
processors,  that's  fine. And  even  if  we  are unable  to  convince
separate  processes  owned  by  the  same user  to  run  on  separate
processors, that's fine too. If the  only thing we are able to achieve
is to different users on different processors, that would already be a

What is the relationship between Mosix and Beowulf? 
Is  Mosix an alternative  to Beowulf?  Something that  runs on  top of
Beowulf?  The other way  around? Are  they completely  separate things
that  address completely  separate issues?  Does either  or  both fall
under the category of "server farms"? 


Napolean Solo <jmlinley at ix.netcom.com> writes:

> On Wednesday 05 December 2001 17:17, Chris Majewski wrote:
> > Hi
> > I've 8 linux  boxes, Pentium II 200-400 MHz,  with one 100Mbps ethernet
> > each and (hopefully, soon to come) a 100Mbps switch. And some ethernet
> > cable.  I  don't remember how much RAM  is in the boxes,  so let's say
> > 64MB each. My budget is zero dollars. Can I build a general-purpose compute
> > server out  of this?  Is it worth  my while?  For example, will  it be
> > "faster" than,  say, a  1GHz PIII? Assume  nothing about the  types of
> > applications people will run, because we don't know.  Yes, I have read the
> > FAQ.
> >
> I'm not sure what it is you're trying to build. A general purpose computer 
> server might best be created using Mosix.
> Have a look at www.mosix.org.
> As you have the equipment, building a cluster is a great way to gain 
> experience, and the components can be given to the local schools when you 
> move on or upgrade.
> Yours /etc

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