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Wed Dec 5 23:35:55 PST 2001

hi ya brian

you've nice cluster ... :-)

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Brian LaMere wrote:

> I spent less than $100,000 on a 48 node dual-1ghz p3 cluster with 2gb ram
> each, and hot-swappable 18gb 15krpm drives (all in a 1-U rackmounted
> footprint!).  Of course, I cheated at the time (VA linux firesale)...but I
> could do the same thing again for about $125,000 in today's prices with
> systems that someone else builds, and has a year warranty.
>, for instance.  For $2537, you get dual p3- 1ghz cpu,
> 18gb 10krpm hotswap scsi, and 2 gb ram.  All in a 1-U package, all with a 1
> year warranty.  Extended warranties available.

lets see .... am curious ...

$ 250	typical 1U chassis -- any vendor
$ 350	typical dual cpu p3 motherboard w/ scsi - lets say asus, tyan
$ 400	2x p3-1Ghz cpu  ( intel )
$ 250	18Gb scsi3 disks - 15krpm ( ibm, seagate )
$  25	hotswap drive bay
$ 320	4x $80 for 512mb sdram ( century )
-----	-----------------------
$1,650  Parts-off-the-Shelf

$ xxx	fans, cables, assembly...
$ yyy	lots of room for "added value" and warranties..

yupp... i concur brian... real easy to build the systems for even cheaper
using the same name-brand parts off the shelf...

have fun
alvin .... 1.6 TeraBtye  1U Raid5[tm] Servers ...

> Why the hell use HP/IBM/Compaq?  Cost almost 3 times as much.  If I put
> together at 100 node advancedclustering cluster, for the same HP price
> you'll make a ~40 node cluster.  So...I can have half of my systems be dead
> at any one point and be waiting for replacement, and /still/ have far more
> systems online.
> And as has been stated...I could build the darn things myself even cheaper.
> Xbox's have a small footprint - that's in their favor.  Not much else in
> their favor though.  People spend $250,000 on 40-node clusters cause
> well...their goofy.  That simple, really.  And footprint is very important.
> I have 48 nodes in one rack (extended height).  Rent for the floorspace I
> suse is low, and I can still get to them all easy.  You don't want a
> medium-sized or larger cluster with regular cases, I wouldn't think.
> Brian

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