I've got 8 linux boxes, what now

Chris Majewski majewski at cs.ubc.ca
Wed Dec 5 16:17:49 PST 2001

I've 8 linux  boxes, Pentium II 200-400 MHz,  with one 100Mbps ethernet
each and (hopefully, soon to come) a 100Mbps switch. And some ethernet 
cable.  I  don't remember how much RAM  is in the boxes,  so let's say
64MB each. My budget is zero dollars. Can I build a general-purpose compute
server out  of this?  Is it worth  my while?  For example, will  it be
"faster" than,  say, a  1GHz PIII? Assume  nothing about the  types of
applications people will run, because we don't know.  Yes, I have read the


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