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Sat Sep 23 11:30:27 PDT 2000

This reply is a bit late...

When I was getting into Beowulf's, setting one up as a newbie while in
school, I could not find the resources that pertained to my questions.  I
scoured the net and could not find the appropriate FAQ's that addressed my
problems, especially with RSH.  I think now there are better resources as
this was a few years ago, though not too far back.  There still seems to be
a lack of a 'One Stop Shop For Newbie's'.  If anyone knows of one please

I been collecting information to create a site for Beowulf Newbies but so
far I have lacked the time to organize it.  There are still missing links
in my experience because I am not as knowledgable as most folks on this

If someone would like to help with this cause I would appreciate any
guidence or suggestions as to what Newbie Information is needed most.  Part
of my modivation to do this is so that I can learn more about clustering.
The work that I do is for my personal gain and I do it my spare time.

Just my half-a-nickel's worth.
Louis Haynes

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On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 02:23:10PM -0400, Scott Burlington wrote:

> Honestly, I'd wait.  We bought the Linux Clusters book and honestly I
> don't feel that version 1.0 was really worth it.
> The software included could be useful, but as is always the case with
> software an internet connection is far more valuable than a CD.
> The book itself seems to have a hard time identifying it's
> audience.  There aren't many linux newbie's with $100 000 for a linux
> cluster yet the book seems to have an apologetic attitude towards being
> technical, frankly I find this a little baffling.

It seems to me that Linux newbies all too often find themselves in
charge of setting up a new Linux cluster.  Witness the number of
rsh-related questions on this list. :)

I agree, an internet connection is more valuable than a CD, and in
this case, more valuable than the book.  Someone setting up a Linux
cluster would probably be better off reading a few FAQ's, checking out
websites of other clusters, and reading the beowulf list archives.


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