Scyld Beowulf problem - PLEASE HELP

Yannetta, Robert RYANNET at
Wed Nov 22 11:08:31 PST 2000

I have a 3-PC beowulf cluster that will not work. During the "Quick Setup"
install, two things are not made clear in the instructions on the CD:

1: During slave node disk partitioning, typing "beoboot-install -a hda"
results in the error message "Failed to read partition table from hda on
node 0."

What does this mean and how can it be fixed? The hard drive was fdisked
clean before running "beofdisk -q" and "beofdisk -w" successfully.

2: The next instruction: "Update the file /etc/beowulf/fstab on the front
end machine." How should this be added and with what information? The
instructions do not say.

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