Switch recommendations?

Joseph E. Rose, Jr. jrosejr at illgen.com
Mon Nov 27 08:01:57 PST 2000

>We're putting together a small (~15) node cluster of Alphas (21264 @
>667MHz) for use in a data analysis application.

>So my question: can anyone provide good recommendations for a switch?
>Like I said, high network traffic is not to be a concern, but the cluster
>will be augmented at a later time, to perhaps 64 nodes.  Obviously, the
>switch solution should be able to scale appropriately.  Are there
>models/manufacturers definitely to avoid?  Are there good cost/performance


I am using an HP4000 in a identical format, and am extremely pleased at the
results.  This is one a cluster of Alpha 21164 (533 MHz) with channel
bonding on two NIC's each.  The HP4000 comes with modules for 40 ports, and
can be scaled to 80 ports w/ 2 modules in the rear of the switch for
Giganet/Myranet/etc.  I am running an FDTD calculation involving a per-cell
exposure at the 1mm model level.  I believe it is reasonably close to your

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