Hardware recommendations for Intel Xeons

Thomas R Boehme mail at thomas-boehme.de
Sun Nov 26 11:34:11 PST 2000


i am a research assistant at the department of Chemical Engineering at the
University of Wisconsin, and we are planning to build a beowulf based on 64
Intel Xeon-III (866 MHz, 256kB cache), which we got as a grant.

I am currently searching for suitable motherboards and reliable sources to
get them.

So far, I am thinking of 32 SuperMicro S2DME boards. Does anybody know if
there are any known issues with that board and Linux and where to get them?

Does anybody have some recommendations on cases? I'd like to keep them as
small as possible, but I know that Xeons are big.
What is the smallest suitable case for a Dual Xeon?

I am planning to use the Scyld cluster distribution which we already
installed on a small scale on some AMD Athlons.

I'd appreciate your comments,

Thomas Boehme

Thomas Boehme, Research Assistant
Dept. of Chemical Engineering, 
University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Phone: +1-(608)-265-4926
email: mail at thomas-boehme.com 

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