Scyld Beowulf

Dan Smith dcs at
Thu Nov 30 12:51:08 PST 2000

I was recently put in charge of setting up a linux cluster that we purchased
as a package from Atipa.  Each node is running RH 6.2 except the master node
which is running RH 7.  Currently, there is no MPI, no Beowulf, no queuing
system installed.  The group that owns this cluster wants to run the same
Monte Carlo sims on each node but with different input files.  No MPI or the
like is required for that.  These are serial codes.  We would like to be
able to log in to the master node only, and send the jobs out to the slave
nodes, i.e. via some queuing system, but we will eventually want to run MPI
parallel codes as well.  Is the Scyld Beowulf package all I need to do both,
or will I need a separate queuing system, i.e. DQS, to control spreading the
serial Monte Carlo codes to the slaves?  Is there another alternative?

Daniel C. Smith                  |    Iowa State University
Graduate Assistant               |    Department of Physics and Astronomy
dcs at                  |    Ames, IA 50011

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