beoserv not seeing RARP

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at
Wed Nov 29 17:21:22 PST 2000

Me, same problem  they don't even show up in the unknown column. 
but, i format the slave node from the advice of  Daniel Persson myrridin at
Tue, 24 Oct 2000

I make a partition of slave node from the above instruction.

Then, I succeeded the setting up the beowulf-2 using beosetup (down -> up )


first, How can I use beoMPI ?

I mean I installed the mpich (not beoMPI) in the master node.

and added the "machines.LINUX" file to & for two node.

but it seems does not work. and I don't know how to use beoMPI. 

I think we need manual for the beoMPI using. 

In those manual there must be the article how to install & use mpich or LAM or MAUI, PBS, DQS setup in the beowulf-2.

I need your help about beoMPI.

Thank you
Yoon Jae Ho
 Economist      Korea Beowulf

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> My problem is they don't even show up in the unknown column.  Is there a
> prefered address for the server?
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> Ken Lowther
> Youngstown, Ohio 
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