Switch recommendations?

Petr Ladislav Kodym kodym at mit.jyu.fi
Tue Nov 28 07:16:31 PST 2000


>Cutthrough switches are much more expensive but also have much lower

A year ago I've spent a lot of time shopping for a Fast-Ethernet
cut-through switch. The result was --- there is none! All switches with
cut-through capability in their feature list did cut-through only at
10Mbps, but they always fell back to store-and-forward at 100Mbps. 

It is quite logical, as Ethernet packets are ten times shorter at 100Mbps
(therefore the time saving is much less significant) and cut-through at
100Mbps is much more demanding for switching fabric than at the lower
speed.  It was pretty difficult to find this out, none really seemed to
know it, especially not sales representatives and customer support

So, is there some 100Mbps cut-through switch now? Which one?
Or did I miss something a year ago?

Thanks for your attention,


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