Switch recommendations?

Steven Berukoff steveb at aei-potsdam.mpg.de
Fri Nov 24 07:31:11 PST 2000


We're putting together a small (~15) node cluster of Alphas (21264 @
667MHz) for use in a data analysis application.  Our use of the cluster
requires high performance computational capability (hence the use of the
Alphas with their high memory capability) but doesn't involve high network
traffic.  Basically, each node will grab a large chunk of data, do FFTs on
pieces of it, store the results locally, then only occasionally contact
the master for more.  

So my question: can anyone provide good recommendations for a switch?
Like I said, high network traffic is not to be a concern, but the cluster
will be augmented at a later time, to perhaps 64 nodes.  Obviously, the
switch solution should be able to scale appropriately.  Are there
models/manufacturers definitely to avoid?  Are there good cost/performance

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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