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Sun Nov 19 16:53:30 PST 2000

On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 08:05:54PM -0500, Joshua Klein wrote:
> All- 
>     I have built a small Scyld beowulf cluster and I have a node configuration question.  All of my slave nodes are currently booting using PCI NICs.  Unfortunately I have many more ISA cards than I do PCI cards. I would like to replace the PCI cards in the nodes with ISA cards.  
>     My questions are:
>     Does anybody know how I would replace my PCI cards with ISA cards on the Scyld beoboot disks?  The config.boot only seems to apply to PCI cards. 

I don't recommend actually doing this (reference earlier discussion
about ISA vs. PCI) but I think you could probably get ISA off the
ground with our boot disks by doing the following steps:

- Add explicit "insmod" lines to config.boot.  (See documentation for details.)
- Add the ISA modules required to the list of boot modules.
- Rebuild phase 1 and 2 boot images with beoboot or beosetup.

>     Is there a way to install, configure and bond ISA cards after the node is up on a PCI card? 

- Copy module to node.
- bpsh <node> /sbin/insmod /tmp/module
- bpsh <node> ifconfig   (or whatever)

- Erik
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