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Daniel Ridge newt at
Fri Nov 17 18:50:22 PST 2000


On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, Joshua Klein wrote:

> All- 
>     I have built a small Scyld beowulf cluster and I have a node configuration question.  All of my slave nodes are currently booting using PCI NICs.  Unfortunately I have many more ISA cards than I do PCI cards. I would like to replace the PCI cards in the nodes with ISA cards.  
>     My questions are:
>     Does anybody know how I would replace my PCI cards with ISA cards on the Scyld beoboot disks?  The config.boot only seems to apply to PCI cards. 
>     Is there a way to install, configure and bond ISA cards after the node is up on a PCI card? 
>     If I can get ISA cards into the nodes I will be attempting to bond 2 ISA cards in each.  Any early suggestions for those of you with Scyld experience in this area?


There is no easy way to use ISA NICs at this time with our product. Our
forecasting department doesn't really show ISA rallying a big comeback

To the extent that ISA could work, it will likely involve building
monolithic support (I.E. not a kernel module) support into a series of
kernels (phase 1/phase 2) and possibly whacking a bit on our low level
boot code.

Good luck!

Dan Ridge
Scyld Computing Corporation

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