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My current project is exactly that, i use both enfuzion to run one job,
(its a embarrasingly parallel application with lots of parameter that need
to be arrayed) and enfuzion makes setting up and running such an
application easy. For enfuzion to work you need a more conventional
install on your nodes. enfuzion uses both telnet and ftp, although you can
get it to use ssh, basically logs in, does the work and copies back. I had
tried to get both the scyld and enfuzion to play together, but it was
easier just having a really minimal install of rh 7 and adding other
required stuff like mpi and pvm. 

the mpi works ok, at least with running distributed rendering and a few
other benchmarks although any real code has yet to be run.

The other task is quantum chemistry code, which i havent got to test yet, 
not all my nodes are here yet.....but i'll keep you posted.
Enfuzion is expensive though, but good if you can tie other resources such
as nt boxes or other unix workstations into your net at slack times with
the beowulf as the main core.

The guys who wrote it are friends too....




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On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, Rich Grenyer wrote:

> Anyone using enFuzion and conventional Beowulfery on the same cluster 
> (at the same time!)? Any know pitfalls, clashes or other things to 
> beware of? Is it any good (knowing that the people who wrote it are 
> almost certainly subscribed here anyway ;) ?
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