Are we going mainstream?

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry at
Fri Nov 17 06:06:55 PST 2000

I just got back from a meeting of the Great Plains Network in Kansas
City, where discussion of Beowulfery was rampant.  And casual.  One
participant mentioned the several clusters they have at North Dakota. 
And the little one he keeps for personal projects in his office.  Okay,
okay, so several (or most) of us have /Wulfs in our offices, still it
was a little interesting to hear about 'em from folks I don't see on
this list, mentioned in such casual way.  

NCSA's implementing a general access 'Wulf.  UCSD has at least one, and
is implementing more.  Classes in PVMN and MPI are commonplace.

Another issue discussed was the use of what I can only call now
"distributed beowulfery" in the general form of, say, seti at home, was
discussed not so much as something to look into, but something to
implement in the Internet 2 community.

All in all, an interesting meeting.
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