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Hello Walter!  It looks like he ran off with your good keyboard too
since the URLs you provided are typos and should be


Funny you should be looking for an errant penguin.  One was recently
nabbed (by my own Beowulf Penguin Corps) trying to load Microsoft
Windows onto the master node of our cluster.  I cannot be sure he is
your penguin, but he has been detained.  He is healthy at present but
I cannot guarantee his safety; the other penguins are pretty upset about
his abberant behavior.  He is being held in a dimly-lit cell and is not
allowed any visitors.

I am enclosing a photo of the said penguin taken today.  Please let me
know if you recognize him.


"Walter B. Ligon III" wrote:

> --------
> Notice:
> Small black and yellow penguin missing. Last
> seen in Dallas, TX on the Supercomputing 2000
> convention floor in the NASA booth. The
> disappearance occurred on Wednesday,
> November 8th. The subject goes by the name of
> "Tux".
> The penguin measures about 5 inches in height
> and is short and squatty. Mostly seen in
> conjunction with beowulf clusters. Two of the
> last photos taken are at the link below as is
> a zoom for closer inspection.
> Shocked owners can't believe the personable icon
> would have been stolen.  "He must have wandered
> away from the booth and followed someone home
> by mistake," grieved Tux's shaken friends in
> the Parallel Architecture Research Lab at Clemson.
> "Please, if you find him, send him back to us."
> If found, please contact the Beowulf Underground
> staff at webmaster at parl.clemson.edu. Anyone with
> information can also contact us at this address.
> All inquiries will be treated as confidential.
> Photos:
> http:/www.bewulf-undergroun.org/images/tux_tw.jpg
> http:/www.bewulf-undergroun.org/images/tux_ww.jpg
> http:/www.bewulf-undergroun.org/images/tux_zoom.jpg
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> ECE Department
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