(trans)portable beowulf

Christopher A. Busillo cbusillo at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 18:13:19 PST 2000

Maybe this is not applicable to your situation, but
why not build a massive beowulf in a permanant
location.  Then use a laptop and remote X (or telnet)
to the machine over a satalite phone, or regular phone
line.  The GUI would be slow, but workable, but if you
telnet you wouldn't even notice a difference.  The
whole system would be a lot cheaper.

> I am contemplating building a (trans)Portable
Beowulf for field reduction
> and visualization of measurement data. It's a
fairly computationally
> intensive problem basically involving creating an
FEM model that replicates
> observed measurements, but, fortunately, is fairly
coarsegrained, so
> interprocessor comm requirements aren't dominating
> The basic requirement is that the beast be
luggable/shippable/etc. and use
> 12V battery power. The initial design cut uses
diskless nodes (i.e.
> motherboard,video, and NIC) packaged into a custom
enclosure of suitable
> size with appropriate cooling and environmental
controls. The power will
 eventually supplied by DC/DC converters.

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