ServerWorks HE-SL or LE?

Ilya Ginzburg ilg at
Tue Nov 14 07:32:58 PST 2000


Does it make any sense paying additional 325$ per node
to get mainboard with HE-SL instead of LE?
Trully speaking, having SCSI on computational node is not a high
priority task and I've found only 2 mainboards based on HE-SL chipset
(SuperMicro 370DE6 i 370DER) and they both have SCSI.
Does anyone have STREAM test results for  370DLE & 370DER SuperMicro's
mainboards for dual procs configuration(or possibility to test)
Does 2-way interleaving memory give any noticable bonus to speed?


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 Ilya Ginzburg           mailto:ilg at

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