Call for Participation

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Mon Nov 13 15:48:11 PST 2000

Call for Participation
2nd Cluster Computing in the Sciences Conference
February 8-9, 2001

University of Utah
Center for High Performance Computing

Salt Lake City, Utah USA 

The University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing is again
sponsoring a conference on Cluster Computing in the Sciences, to be help
February 8-9, 2001. 

We plan to have a diverse group of professionals representing the oil
industry, computer industry, national labs, and universities share views
and experiences in cluster computing.

Topics of Interest

        File Systems 
        VIA (Virtual Interface Architecture) 
        Parallel Paradigms: MPI and OpenMP 
        Case Study Presentations (academic and industry) 
        Effective and Efficient Cluster Management 
        Compilers (f77, f90, hpf, c, c++) 
        Cluster Design and Configuration 

Talk Submission

If you wish to participate, please submit the following information to
facelli at

	Name, affiliation, address and email address of each
        Name of the presenting author. 
        Title and Abstract of the Talk. 

Organizing Committee:
	Julio Facelli (Chair) CHPC, University of Utah 
        Thomas Cheatham, Pharmacology, University of Utah 
        Mark Clement, BYU 
        Carleton Detar, Physics, University of Utah 
        Julia Harrison, CHPC, University of Utah 
        Brian Haymore, CHPC, University of Utah 
        Chris Johnson, School of Computing, University of Utah 
        Jerry Schuster, Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah 
        Quinn O. Snell, BYU 
        Greg Voth, Chemistry, University of Utah 

Contact Information:

E-mail address:

	julia at

Mailing address:

	2nd Cluster Computing Conference
        CHPC, University of Utah
        155 S. 1452 E. RM 405
        Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0190


Brian D. Haymore
University of Utah
Center for High Performance Computing
155 South 1452 East RM 405
Salt Lake City, Ut 84112-0190

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