Scyld Beowulf, mpirun, and pg files

Rob Ostrander ostrander at
Mon Nov 13 15:05:11 PST 2000

I picked up a preview release of  Scyld Beowulf at SC2000.  It's really 
excellent!  I had a *spare parts* cluster up and running  in just under 3 
hours...  I Then started messing around with BeoMpi.  Their demos worked 
fine, however I cannot seem to convince mpirun to use a process group (pg) 
file.  Has anyone tried or had any luck using BeoMpi's mpirun with a pg 
file?  Our app. RTExpress explicitly maps processes to hosts using a pg 
file, and I'd like to get it to work on this Scyld Beowulf cluster.  Any 
help would be appreciated.

Rob Ostrander
Integrated Sensors Inc.
phone: 315-798-1377
fax: 315-798-8950

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