Which journal or magazine I suppose to refer to study the Parallel Programming & Beowulf ?

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
Mon Nov 13 03:06:29 PST 2000

I want to know the Magazine or Journal name for the "Parallel Programming & Beowulf studying".

In my research office, a libraian want me to recommend the Journal or magazine for the "Parallel computers or Parallel Program".

Will you recommend the Magazine or Journal( homepage site or contact point to buy) ? 

and will you tell me the reason for the recommendation ?

Thank you very much .

Yoon Jae Ho
POSCO Research Institute

yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
jhyoon at mail.posri.re.kr
http://ie.korea.ac.kr/~supercom/  Korea Beowulf

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