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Fri Nov 10 08:53:25 PST 2000

install the module for the ethernet card with a command like:

modprobe module_name full_duplex=1

should do the trick...

then in your etc modules.conf do something like (this is my entry)

alias eth0 3c59x full_duplex=1

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Jon Tegner wrote:

> Felix Rauch wrote:
> > > I have done some further testing, using netpipe
> > > ( That
> > > application sends packages of increasing size between two nodes, and
> > > there is a drastic reduction in throughput when the size of the block
> > > approaches around 5800 bytes. For 5780 bytes speed is 67.45 Mbps and
> > > for 5800 bytes it is 1.34 Mbps. For increasing sizes it stays low (at
> > > least up till 1e6 bytes (where I stopped)).
> >
> > I didn't follow this discussion closely, but this sounds like a
> > problem with the duplex-configuration. Make sure that your cards and
> > your switch have the same setting: Either everyone has full-duplex or
> > everyone has half-duplex (full-duplex is better).
> Thanks, that did help!
> When we forced the switch to half duplex the code docent hang anymore. But
> performance is not as good as on a full duplex network, so how can the cards be
> forced to full duplex (tried the utility program supplied on diskette with the
> cards but not possible to change from there)? And I thought the card should
> always choose full duplex if it is possible (according to the specs the card can
> handle full duplex)? That is, why does not the auto setting on the switch work?
> /jon
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