Another question

Christoph Wasshuber wasshub at
Thu Nov 9 10:47:09 PST 2000


I would guess that many have made the same observation. And I might
have a solution for it. Just recently I had to build an enclosure for
some gadget. I used an online sheet metal custom manufacturer. You
send him your Autocad drawing and they send you back a prototype. You
can then order any number of copies.
They also have standard chassies available. So my suggestion is to either
take one of their standard chassis, or even design one which is
best for Bewulfers and then order as a group.

The link to their webpage is

Let me stress that I am not affiliated with them. I have used
their service once and was quite satisfied. I do not know their
prices for chassis. But this might be a place to look, particularly
since you can get the design you want.


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