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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Nov 9 09:56:20 PST 2000

Dear Fellow Listfolk,

A Question:

We have a UP2000 that is causing us endless problems.  It locks up
whenever a big memory job is run.  It does this for any of two or three
different jobs, often very quickly.  We've pretty much completely
replaced the memory itself and the problem persists.  We suspect
hardware, but which hardware, and how to be sure?

Any UP2000 owners with similar experiences or wisdom to offer?  Is the
UP2000 generally reliable for large calculations running under linux (RH
6.2)?  Are there known SMP deadlock problems or memory bus problems
that are fairly viewed as software?  Any help, suggestions, insight
offered will be greatly received, as we have only one UP2000 on site and
we are considering sending the damn thing back where we got it.



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