D-Link DFE-570TX 4port

Johan Sjöholm Netmaster at streetwise.se
Thu Nov 9 05:11:22 PST 2000


The card works whitout any problems under Linux(or as RMS would have insisted on : "GNU/Linux" ;-)). There's a link on D-Links german page that links you to a place where you can download the drivers.
If you can't find the drivers than your free to either email me private(in swedish if that suits you best) or contact D-Link at linux at dlink.de

The card works under linux, it has documentations and everything. The only thing that at the moment doesen't work is the load balanse that comes whit the card if you run under Microsoft Windows. Please read more about the card on the swedish www.dlink.se or www.dlink.com . The English site containts some valuable information about the trunking function.

Hope that helped you somewhat(Otherwise, as I said, please do contact me)

- Johan Sjöholm

> Hello.
> Does anybody have any experience with these network cards?

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