Tyan Tiger 133 experiences?

Bill Comisky bcomisky at pobox.com
Wed Nov 8 16:27:07 PST 2000

Does anyone have experience using the Tyan Tiger 133 (model S1834D-I) in a
Linux cluster?  I've used the Tiger 100 in the past with no problems, but
was concerned with the user reports on the linux hardware database:


Specifically mentioned are:

"The boards failed to work on very high CPU and/or Net load. Problems with
lost interrupts, CPU-APIC errors.."

The other report mentioned ECC memory problems (doesn't work) and general

I saw the stream benchmarks posted to this list, so I know they are being
used.  Are there any other good options for a dual processor 133 MHz bus
motherboard that supports PIII >= 850 MHz?

thanks for any help,

Bill Comisky
bcomisky at pobox.com

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