advice on hardware choice

Giovanni Scalmani Giovanni at
Wed Nov 8 08:21:35 PST 2000

Hi all,

  I would like to ear from you about which motherboard to select
for a dual PIII > 700MHz node for a small (8 nodes) beowulf. The
options I've been given are: 

  133MHz FSB
  Serverworks ServerSet III LE chipset
  on board U2 SCSI


  MSI 694D Pro (
  133MHz FSB
  VIA(R) 694XDP / VT82C686A chipset   
  U-DMA 100
  less expensive

  My concern is basically about the state of linux 2.2 vs 2.4 with
respect to the Serverworks and VIA chipsets and with respect to
U-DMA100 also.

  Any experiences with these motherboards / chipsets?
  Any alternative I forgot ?
  Any experiences with U-DMA 100 vs U2 SCSI ?

  Thank you very much for your help!

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