Scyld Beowulf 2 Configuration Question

Daniel Ridge newt at
Thu Nov 2 23:36:09 PST 2000


> Hi, I'm looking to use ethernet channel bonding on my Beowulf2 cluster,
> but I cannot find the conf.modules and other related config files or their
> equivilents for the slave boot image.  Is there a script that is included
> with the boot image and run at boot time?

> "alias bond0 bonding" line and "ifenslave bond0 eth0,"
> "if enslave bond0 eth1" lines to the config.  I have already added the
> bonding.o file to the proper modules directory in the image (I think) and
> I also added it to the script as one of the modules to be in with the NIC
> modules in the stage two image.  Hopefully all I need to do is find these
> config files...thanks.

I have a couple of suggestions.

First, I wouldn't mess with the boot images or the script that
creates them unless you have a good reason. The channel bonding that you
want to do can be done after the node is up and well.

This will help you keep the system stable. Tweaking a channel bonding
setup gone mad during boot would probably be pretty difficult!

After the node is up, I would probably do something like:
	bpcp bonding.o 0:/tmp
	bpsh 0 /sbin/insmod /tmp/bonding.o <whacked module options here>
	bpsh 0 rm /tmp/bonding.o

You should then be set! Put this in a script if you wish.

We have a modutils here that would allow you to simply do:
	/sbin/modprobe --node 0 bonding

in place of the preceeding three commands and have it suck the module
options out of /etc/conf.modules.

	Dan Ridge
	Scyld Computing Corporation

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