A beowulf for parallel instruction.

Greg Lindahl glindahl at hpti.com
Thu Nov 2 16:21:46 PST 2000

> where can we get some nice-to-show-students sample code?

Good question. People ask a lot, but the answers aren't the greatest. Some
of my personal favorites:

1) sPPM
2) NAS Parallel Benchmarks (but some don't build with g77)
3) POP, a climate code. I think the LANL version might be best.

However, I must admit I use more time running these as benchmarks than
looking at the code.

> is there are freely available fortran 90 compiler? or a fortran compiler
> with cray-pointer support that is freely available too?

On Alphas, I think the Compaq compiler allows you to use it for free for
your educational purpose.

On Intels, the F F90 subset compiler is free with some limits, which might
be too severe to link to MPI. All of the compilers which handle either F90
or cray pointers cost $$. However, you may be able to convince one of the
vendors to give you some free licenses. Personally I've dealt with the
Portland Group people a few times, and they've been very nice.

The g90 project is underway but is at an early stage, not usable for real
work for a few years.

On IA64 you can always use the SGI compiler ;-) ;-)

-- greg

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