A beowulf for parallel instruction.

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
Wed Nov 1 17:12:15 PST 2000

If you get the sample MPI code, How about making the CDs or linking site or mirroring site for the MPI sample

& parallel programing ?

and let us know the site, then, 

It will help other people(who want to make a Beowulf parallel instruction) to teach the Parallel Course for their class.

Thank you very much
from Yoon Jae Ho

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> > I certainly agree about the model. I'm not clear about
> > the extent to which there is commonality  below MPI, in
> > the choice of compilers for instance, or even whether
> > this is a significant factor in approaching "use".
> Most big sites concentrate on standards-compliant compilers, for portability
> reasons, and support a variety of languages: Fortran 9X, C, C++. You can get
> plenty of sample MPI code so your students can run something without having
> to necessarily write their own.
> -- g
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